Driving Lessons in East Kilbride

We live in a beautiful part of Scotland, and to help you explore it, Baxter Driving School instructors Kenny and Evelyn Baxter are ready to teach to drive in the East Kilbride area. So if you are looking for capable, experienced and patient driving instructors then the Baxter’s are the ones for you.

Baxter Driving School was established in 1965 so has been teaching people to drive for over forty years. They will bring all this experience to develop a programme of driving lessons which are individual to you. Kenny and Evelyn will progress at your pace, if everything comes easily to you and you were born to drive then that’s fine but similarly if you struggle, maybe you are a little bit nervous about learning to drive then they understand that too. The Baxter Driving School instructors keep notes of every lesson so they know what they covered and how well you did at each stage so they know what you need to go over or practice more from each lesson. You will get ample opportunity as you drive through the East Kilbride area to practice your moves from parallel parking to emergency stops. As Baxter Driving School is based in the South Lanarkshire area Kenny and Evelyn know the area really well they know the best routes to take you down that are appropriate to your current skill level at that particular time.

Your driving lessons in East Kilbride will progress through a syllabus, so that everyone knows that everything has been covered and you are fully prepared for your test. When you sit your driving test you will be ready for it but more importantly you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to be a safe and competent driver when you are driving independently having passed your test.

So if you are wanting to learn to drive in East Kilbride contact Baxter’s Driving School today and book your first lesson with Kenny or Evelyn and take your first step to freedom.