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Ready to start learning to drive?

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Then contact Baxter Driving School for all your automatic Driving lessons in Paisley needs. Established in 1965 by Betty and Alex Baxter the school has gone from strength to strength and has now been passed to the next generation Kenny and Evelyn.

So having made the choice to learn to drive in an automatic car, your next choice Is whether you want a male or female instructor which ever makes you the most confident. Here at Baxter’s Driving School our aim is to get you driving as quickly as possible whilst ensuring that you progress at a pace that is confident for you. We do this by taking detailed notes of every lesson so we know exactly what was covered. This helps us to prepare for your next lesson as we know at what stage you are, if there is anything that you are struggling with a bit or need more practice at and which things you have really taken to. When you book your lessons either singularly or in bundles you are booking a tailor made course just for you. Each and every pupil we take on is different, some people were born to drive, some people will struggle in the early days, which ever you are Kenny and Evelyn have the experience and the patience to work through any problems with you even if it’s that you are getting a tad over confident. Rest assured that we won’t hold you back as soon as we all agree that you are ready for your test we will be encouraging you to put in for it.

We are lucky enough to be local to the area so we will take you along routes most suited to your current ability level but rest assured that we will ensure that you will have experienced the full range from fast dual carriageway driving to winding country roads by the time you take your test.

So is you are looking for Automatic Driving Lessons In Paisley, look no further you have found the best, contact Kenny Baxter at Baxter Driving School today and get ready for your first lesson.