Driving Lessons Hamilton

Baxter Driving School has been delivering driving lessons in Hamilton since 1965 when Betty and Alex first founded the company. They have now handed over the reins to their son and daughter Kenny and Evelyn and either are waiting to teach you to drive in the Hamilton area. So whether you prefer a male or female driving instructor or really aren’t bothered which, Baxter Driving School is poised and ready to teach you to drive around Hamilton.

We have dual control Ford Fiestas or Renault Clios both diesel to teach you to drive in. We bring all our experience to each and every lesson so that we can deliver driving lessons that progress at your speed, we can pause if you are having trouble with a particular aspect of driving to allow you to practice or we can recognise your strong areas and head straight for the next skill. We take detailed notes of every lesson so that when you get back in the car it’s as if you only just stepped out of it. We will encourage you to put in for your test as soon as both you and us feel you are ready for it , we are keen to help you pass first time.

Driving lessons are available one at a time or in cost effective bundles. We can pick you up from your home, place of work or college whichever is the most convenient for you. We know the Hamilton area really well as we are local so we can ensure that the route we choose for each lesson is appropriate to your current driving ability and we will make sure that you experience the full range, from rural country roads to busy dual carriageways and as far as we can across as many weather conditions as possible. Not only do we want to help you pass your test more importantly we want you to be safe, competent drivers who drive in the most energy efficient way as possible.

So for your entire driving lesson in Hamilton needs contact Baxter Driving School today, Kenny or Evelyn can’t wait to talk to you and start you on your driving experience.